Michael Jackson


Can't Let Her Get Away

I Thought She Had To Have It
Since The First Time She Came
Who Knows The Situation
Mysteries Do Remain
And Now I Wonder Why
I Breakdown When I Cry
Is It Something I Said
Or Is It Just A Lie
(Is It Just A Lie)

I Try So Hard To Love You
Some Things Take
Time And Shame
I Think The Whole World
Of You
Your Thoughts Of Me Remain
I'll Play The Fool For You
I'll Change The Rules For You
Just Say It And I'll Do
Just Make This Thing Come True
(Make A Dream Come True)

If I Let Her Get Away
Though I'm Begging
On My Knees
I'll Be Crying Everyday
Knowing The Girl
That Got Away

I Can't Let
I Can't Let Her Get Away
I Can't Let
I Can't Let Her Get Away

I Can't Let
I Can't Let Her Get Away
I Can't Let
I Can't Let Her Get Away

I Tried To Mastermind It
By Saying Let It Be
But Everytime I Did It
The Hurt Came Back At Me
I Told You That I Need You
A Thousand Times And Why
I Played The Fool For You
And Still You Said Goodbye
(Still You Said Goodbye)

If I Let Her Get Away
Then The World Will
Have To See
A Fool Who Lives Alone
And The Fool Who
Set You Free

I've Got The Feelin'

Can't Let Go
Can't Let Go

[Chorus till end]

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Can't Let Her Get Away Lyrics

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