Nick Carter

Now or Never

Heart Without A Home

Girl I love to watch you
You're like candy to my eyes
Like a movie that ya seem ya gotta watch just one more time
But that smile you're wearing
It's a beautiful disguise
It's just something you put on to hide the emptiness inside
And you seem so lonely...
But you don't have to anymore..

If you're a heart without a home,
Rebel without a cause,
If you feel as though you're always stranded on the shore
Like a thief in the night,
Let me steal your heart away
Baby if for reasons, what you're looking for..
I'll be yours

I'll be yours...

I'll be a new sensation
One you never had before
I got a feeling if I gave you some
You'd probably want some more
Did you know that baby..
You're the bluebird in my sky
I only wanna make you happy cause
I love to see you fly

And if you feel lonely...You don't have to anymore


I'll be yours...I'll be yours..

I'll be the raft in the tide
I'll be yours
I'll be the truth in the light
And what's more
And no one opens the door
I'll be the hope that you're looking for..

[Chorus x2]

I'll be yours...

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