Nick Carter

Now or Never

Help Me

I wish I could define
All the thoughts that cross my mind
They seem too big for me to choose
I don't know which ones to lose
And I've fallen down so far
I think I'll never see your light
Bouncing off of me
Shining down here from your eyes

Help me
Figure out the difference
Between right and wrong, weak and strong
Day and night where I belong
Help me
Make the right decision
Know which way to turn lessons to learn
And just what my purpose is here

It's like I got the signals crossed
With messages I can't decode
Half asleep never wide awake
I'm on complete overload

I got so much information here
And nothin I can really grasp
I should know the truth
But I'm too afraid so I have to ask


Wanna know you
More than anything
I need you
In my every dream
You're there for me
You love me
For who I am
No angel
Just an ordinary man

Help me figure out
Why I'm stuck in the middle
Tryin to understand
Why I can't quite, it's such a riddle
Got my eyes crossed
Thinkin so hard
And I know I'm missin the mark

Can you help me sort out
All this information
I'm just rackin my brain
Payin attention
But I'm still lost
And at all costs
I gotta know (I Gotta Know! Know!)


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