Nick Carter

Now or Never

I Just Wanna Take You Home

Girl I dunno what to say
I feel so insecure
So I start off by sayin a cliche
Like I've seen you before

But why play games
All these dates
Who needs flowers
When all you wanna say is

I just wanna take you home
We can make a story of our own
Please don't get me wrong
I just wanna

Don't you hate it when you sweat
And it makes you go real numb
Then you get that feeling of regret
And it makes you wanna run

But then I am playing nice
Meeting your parents
When all I wanna say is


Tell me that you feel the same
Someone please explain
Why we have to play games
Instead of just saying


Nick Carter Lyrics

Now or Never Lyrics

I Just Wanna Take You Home Lyrics

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