Paula Abdul


Rock House

Rock you house you turn the fire up takin' over 
Rock you house you people get strong 
Rock you house you time to take the weight off 
Our shoulder rock you house you people move on 

And yes it's time to grow 
Spent enough time to know 
To believe in you is blind 
You only tell us lies 

So now that we've agreed 
It's time to end your greed 
The unanimous decision is to rock you 


You shake a million hands 
Make a million plans 
Then give a promise to the poor 
And millions a war 

We tried to beg and plead 
Still you ignore our needs 
So the only way to teach you is to rock you 


When i think about the babies' eyes longing from hunger 
It makes me wanna cry, cry, cry 
Then the situation of our mothers and our brothers, 
Well i know, i know 
We can make it better 


To the nations telling lies to the brothers down the block 
To the power on the street 
To the critics on my jock 
Shut up and dance!! 


Set the record straight right here and say 
Set the record straight right here and say 


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Rock House Lyrics

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