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I Don't Want To Go

I don't want to see you go
There's too much to say.

But it's gone on for too long
I know how much it hurts to hear 
You show it and I know it
So there's no reason for the tears.

I don't want to see you go
Don't want to see you cry.

'Cos I've been there and I know it 
How much it hurts being left behind
If you hold on, just be strong
There'll come a time.

All things will come to pass, you know
All things will come around

I see your bags are packed 
I guess that means you won't be back
There's nothing left could keep me chained
To get you, bring you back again.

If you hold on, won't be long
We'll find our time and place once more
Just hold tight, it's alright
We've been here before.

All things will come to pass, you know
All things will come around.

But if you don't want to stay, say goodbye
My number's on your wall
'Cos I've been there and I've seen it
It's there beside those other guys
So keep it, you may need it
There's no more reason for the lies.

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I Don't Want To Go Lyrics

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