Sean Paul

The Trinity

Ever Blazing

(Ever blazing ever blazing girl)
(blazing up the flame blazing up the flame) 
(Ever blazing ever blazing girl yo)

As the world turns 
and as time burns
girl you know im gonna be there
my love is ever blazing ever blazing girl 
and you know it na go change
As the world turns 
and as time buns
girl you know im gonna be there
my love is ever blazing ever blazing girl 
and it never fades away

[Verse 1:]
Theres no pretending 
girl i said my love is never ending
form we used to par just like a friend thing
up untill now me a tell you say
a you fi be the queen 
i and i man a accenting
and a 1 thing the dutty paul is requesting 
keep up to date cause you are the best thing
girl you know your life style real intersting thats why the
dutty investing


[Verse 2:]
Because me admire you
but me na shy of you
say from the day me hire you 
me know me na fire you
girl form a long time the dutty a desire you
woman you know say you a hot and you a spit fire too
bill gate donald trump 
the a require you
ina the pentium five them want wire you
when them know you a real frequent flier to 
like a trophy ina me bed you know me wan retire you


[Repeat Verse 1]

[Chrous x2]

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