Sean Paul

Dutty Rock

My Name

Sometimes i hear you calling out my name, 
And i hear you deep down inna mi brain, 
If i'm a fool i've only got myself to blame, 
Well i can see the sign 'cause i'm not blind, 
Although you're not mine from time to time, 
I've got to let you know you are my sunshine. 

[Verse 1:]
I love you baby but you don't love me back...Why, 
You drive me crazy 'cause yu fi gi mi dat...bly, 
You make me high! I just can't deny, 
Love out potential a fill up inna i and i, 
Just give me the privilege and run a way yu man, 
I got the plan! fi mek yu tun on, 
Baby just believe me 'cause my word is my bond!, 
Sometime i think i hear you but i am hearing wrong, girl. 


[Verse 2:]
Rude bwoy loving a nu something fi she ramp wid, 
Everyman him need a woman fi be a live blanket, 
If she diss yu, spank hold dat and crank it, 
Baby girl you know i love you but you follow yu friend dem, 
Now you gonna break Sean Paul heart in two, 
You have the dapper all a bawl and all a mek phone call. 
What yu really expect man fi do. 


[Verse 3:]
Tick, tock mi get heart attack, 
When mi hear she leaving and she naw come back, 
Mi caan believe me dreams to mi love world crash, 
A lucky thing she never know where mi hide mi stash, but. 


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