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Tired Of Being Alone

I'm so tired of being alone
I'm so tied up on my own
Won't you help me, boy, as soon as you can?
People say that I've found a way
to make you see that you love me
Hey baby, you didn't go for that
Honey, it's a natural fact that I wanna come back
Show me where it's at, baby
I guess that you know that I love you so
Even though you don't want me no more
I'm crying tears, honey, through the years
I tell you like it is, honey
Love me if you want, baby
Tired, baby
Tired of being alone by myself now
Tired, baby
Tired of being on my own at night
In my dreams it's you, baby
Sometimes I wonder if you love me like you say you do
Cause pleasing you has proven to me to be my greatest

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Tired Of Being Alone Lyrics

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