The Rasmus

Black Roses

Yesterday You Threw Away Tomorrow

You've always been apart of me,
And now your a stranger,
You promised you were meant to be,
Mine till the end,
We both signed our names in the circle,
And kissed by the sea.

You have trouble with the truth,
Your lost beyond control,
'cause yesterday you threw away tomorrow,
You, you double-crossed my heart,
You crucified my soul,
'Cause yesterday you threw away tomorrow.

You know that I could never be,
Someone who hurts you,
Maybe that's a flaw in me,
I've been too kind,
Now I hear your new love makes you suffer,
You must live for the pain.

As I stand all alone by the ocean,
(With the sand and no fear)
Let the waves wash away my emotions,
(As I'm setting you free)
Yesterday was the start of the future,
(Now tomorrow is gone)
And our story is finally over,
(It's time to move on)

Yesterday you threw away tomorrow.

The Rasmus Lyrics

Black Roses Lyrics

Yesterday You Threw Away Tomorrow Lyrics

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