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Brandy - Lyrics

Brandy - Album - Full Moon

All In Me
Come A Little Closer
I Thought
Can We
He Is
Like This
Full Moon
Love Wouldn't Count Me Out
It's Not Worth It
When You Touch Me
What About Us

Brandy - Album - Never Say Never

Put That On Everything
U Don't Know Me (Like U Used To)
Learn The Hard Way
Angel In Disguise
One Voice
Have You Ever?
The Boy Is Mine (feat. Monica)
Almost Doesn't Count
Never Say Never
Top Of The World (feat. Ma$e)

Brandy - Album - Brandy

Best Friend
I Dedicate (Part II)
Sunny Day
I Dedicate (Part I)
Give Me You
Always On My Mind
I'm Yours
I Wanna Be Down
Love Is On My Side
Movin' On
As Long As You're Here
I Dedicate (Part III)

Brandy - Album - Unknown (other songs)

I Wanna Be Down (Remix) feat. Queen Latifah, Yo-Yo, Mc Lyte
Top Of The World (Remix) feat. Fat Joe, Big Pun, R. Perkins
Full Moon (remix) feat. Fat Joe
Sittn'Up In My Room
Another Day in Paradise (feat. Ray-J)

Brandy - Biography

Brandy - Biography

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Ray J

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