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Craig David - Lyrics

Craig David - Album - Slicker Than Your Average

Fast Cars
Eenie Meenie
World Filled With Love
What's Your Flava
Two Steps Back
Rise And Fall (feat. Sting)
Hidden Agenda
What's Changed
Slicker Than Your Average
Hands Up In the Air
You Don't Miss Your Water ('Til The Well Runs Dry)

Craig David - Album - Born To Do It

Last Night
You Know What
7 Days
Fill Me In
Time To Party
Key To My Heart
Once In A Lifetime
Walking Away
Follow Me
Booty Man
Can't Be Messing 'Round

Craig David - Album - Unknown (other songs)

Woman Trouble
Pass Me By
R U Ready (feat. Artful Dodger)
What's Your Flava (Remix)
What Ya Gonna Do (feat. Pete Devereux, Mark Hill)
Apartment 543 (feat. Mark Hill)

Craig David - Biography

Craig David - Biography

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