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Faith Hill - Lyrics

Faith Hill - Album - Cry

Baby You Belong
When The Lights Go Down
Back To You
You're Still Here
This Is Me
If You're Gonna Fly Away
I Think I Will
If This Is The End

Faith Hill - Album - Faith

Let Me Let Go
The Hard Way
Just To Hear You Say That You Love Me (feat. Tim McGraw)
Better Days
You Give Me Love
I Love You
The Secret Of Life
Love Ain't Like That
Somebody Stand By Me
This Kiss
My Wild Frontier

Faith Hill - Album - It Matters To Me

A Man's Home Is His Castle
Let's Go To Vegas
Keep Walkin' On (feat. Shelby Lynne)
I Can't Do That Anymore
Bed Of Roses
Someone Else's Dream
You Will Be Mine
You Can't Lose Me
It Matters To Me
A Room In My Heart

Faith Hill - Album - Take Me As I Am

But I Will
Piece Of My Heart
Take Me As I Am
Go The Distance
Life's Too Short To Love Like That
Just About Now
Just Around The Eyes
I've Got This Friend (feat. Larry Stewart)
Wild One
I Would Be Stronger Than That

Faith Hill - Album - Breathe

There Will Come A Day
What's In It For Me
If My Heart Had Wings
It Will Be Me
That's How Love Moves
Love Is A Sweet Thing
If I'm Not In Love
Bringing Out The Elvis
Let's Make Love (feat. Tim McGraw)
If I Should Fall Behind
I Got My Baby
The Way You Love Me

Faith Hill - Album - Unknown (other songs)

It All Comes Down To Love
There You'll Be (OST Pearl Harbor Soundtrack)
Never Gonna Be Your Lady
Where Are You Christmas (OST The Grinch Soundtrack)

Faith Hill - Biography

Faith Hill - Biography

Faith Hill - Links

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