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Human Nature - Lyrics

Human Nature - Album - Human Nature

He Don't Love You
Baby Come Back To Me
If I Only Had The Heart
Whisper Your Name (The Only One)
Angel Of Your Heart
Love Is A Fire
House Of Cards
Don't Come Back
When We Were Young
It's Gonna Be A Long Night

Human Nature - Album - Counting Down

Counting Down
Mary's Garden
Depend On Me
Be There With You
Send It In A Letter
Last To Know
7 Lonely Days
Now That I Found You
Don't Cry
Temperature Rising
Bring Her Back

Human Nature - Album - Telling Everybody

Love Unconditional
Can I Do You
Something In The Way
People Get Ready
Got It Goin On
Whisper Your Name
Sleepin' Alone
Don't Say Goodbye
Tellin' Everybody
September Girl

Human Nature - Album - Unknown (other songs)

Without You
Shake You Outta My Head
Always Be With You
She's Takin My Words
You Send Me
Ride Away
Breaking Me Down
Teenager In Love
Good Enough
What If I Said
Everytime You Cry
You Know
She's So Gone
All Out Of Love
We Can Fly Away

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