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INXS - Lyrics

INXS - Album - Elegantly Wasted

I'm Just A Man
Show Me (Cherry Baby)
We Are Thrown Together
Elegantly Wasted
She Is Rising
Girl On Fire
Don't Loose Your Head
Let It Ride
Building Bridges
Shake The Tree

INXS - Album - Full Moon, Dirty Hearts

The Messenger
Make Your Peace
Freedom Deep
I'm Only Looking
Cut Your Roses Down
The Gift
Full Moon Dirty Hearts
Viking Juice
Kill The Pain
Days Of Rust
Please (You Got That...)

INXS - Album - Welcome To Wherever You Are

Baby Don't Cry
Taste It
Men And Women
Wishing Well
All Around
Strange Desire
Beautiful Girl
Not Enough Time
Heaven Sent
Back On Line

INXS - Album - X

On My Way
Who Pays The Price
Faith In Each Other
Bitter Tears
Suicide Blonde
Hear That Sound
The Stairs
Know the Difference
By My Side

INXS - Album - Kick

The Loved One
Devil Inside
Calling All Nations
Never Tear Us Apart
New Sensation
Wild Life
Need You Tonight
Tiny Daggers
Guns In The Sky

INXS - Album - Listen Like Thieves

Same Direction
Good + Bad Times
Red Red Sun
Listen Like Thieves
This Time
Shine Like It Does
One x One
What You Need
Biting Bullets
Kiss The Dirt (Falling Down the Mountain)

INXS - Album - The Swing

Melting In The Sun
All The Voices
Love Is (What I Say)
Dancing On The Jetty
Original Sin
Burn For You
Johnson's Aeroplane
I Send A Message
Face The Change
The Swing

INXS - Album - Shabooh Shoobah

Soul Mistake
The One Thing
Old World New World
Black and White
Spy Of Love
Jan's Song
Here Comes
To Look At You
Don't Change
Golden Playpen

INXS - Album - INXSive

We Are the Vegetables
Simple Simon
The Loved One

INXS - Album - Underneath The Colours

Stay Young
What Would You Do
Night of Rebellion
Big Go Go
Fair Weather Ahead
Just To Learn Again
Underneath the Colours

INXS - Album - INXS

Just Keep Walking
Body Language
Wishy - Washy
Roller Skating
Learning to Smile
On A Bus
Newsreel Babies
In Vain

INXS - Album - Unknown (other songs)

Deliver Me
Shining Star
The Strangest Party (These Are The Times)

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