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Kottonmouth Kings - Lyrics

Kottonmouth Kings - Album - Rollin Stoned

Float Away
Waking Dream
Strange Dayz
Rest Of My Life
Endless Highway
Zero Tolerance
Built To Last
Sub-Noize Rats
Pushin' Limits
Soul Surfin'
Positive Vibes
Tangerine Sky
Full Throttle
Living In Fear
Light It Up

Kottonmouth Kings - Album - Hidden Stash II: The Kream Of The Krop

On The Run
Life Rolls On
Brain On Drugs (Interlude) (feat. Shakey Bonez)
Welcome To The Suburbs
Things I Do
Family Trees
Dying Daze
Killa Kali (feat. The Judge)
New Destination
My Mind Playin' Tricks On Me
Paid Vacation
All About The Weed
Tell Me Why

Kottonmouth Kings - Album - High Society

Good As Gold
First Class
King's Blend
Peace Not Greed
Coffee Shop
The Joint
Cupid's Dead
Round And Round
Here We Go Again
Face Facts
Wickit Klowns
Daydreamin' Fazes
We The People
The Lottery
Size Of An Ant

Kottonmouth Kings - Album - Hidden Stash

Three Horny Devils
Shouts Going Out
Roll It Up
Freaks Of The Industry
Love Songs
Pimp Twist

Kottonmouth Kings - Album - Royal Highness

Me And My Skate
Life Ain't What It Seems
Whats Your Trip?
Dogs Life
Planet Budtron
Bong Tokin' Alcoholics
Big Hoss
Psychedelic Funk
Dirt Slang
Suburban Life
So High
High Society
Play On

Kottonmouth Kings - Album - Unknown (other songs)

Pumpkin Carver
Bump (Remix, Radio Edit)

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