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Kurupt - Lyrics

Kurupt - Album - Space Boogie: Smoke Oddessey

Space Boogie (feat. Nate Dogg)
Gangsta's (feat. Daz Dillinger)
Bitches (feat. Butch Cassidy, Roscoe)
On, Onsite (feat. Lil 1/2 Dead)
Kuruption (feat. Everlast)
On Da Grind (feat. Daz Dillinger)
Lay it On Back (feat.DJ Lethal, Fred Durst, Nate Dogg)
The Hardest Mutha Fuckaz (feat.MC Ren, Nate Dogg, Xzibit)
The Life I Live (feat. Krook)
Can't Go Wrong (feat. Butch Cassidy, DJ Quik)
At it Again (feat. Fingazz)
Hate On Me (feat. Damani, Soopafly)
Bring Back That G Shit (feat. Goldie Loc, Snoop Dogg)
Sunshine (feat. Jon B)
Fuck Da World (feat. Daz)
It's Over (feat. Natina)
Just Don't Give a Fuck (feat.DJ Lethal)

Kurupt - Album - Tha Streetz Iz a Mutha

Loose Cannons (feat. Daz,Xzibit)
Ya Can't Trust Nobody (feat. Daz)
I Ain't Shit Without My Homeboyz (feat. Daz, Sip Capone, Soopafly)
Girls All Pause (feat. Nate Dogg, Roscoe)
Represent Dat G.C.(feat.Butch, Daz, Jayo Felony, Tray Deee, Snoop, SoopaFly)
Callin' Out Names
I Call Shots (feat. Roscoe, Snoop Dogg)
Tha Streetz Iz a Mutha (feat. Daz-"Tha Dogg Pound")
Ho's a Housewife (feat. Dr. Dre, Hittman)
Tequilla (feat.Daz,T-Moe)
Who Ride Wit Us (feat. Daz-"Tha Dogg Pound")
It Ain't About You
Step Up (feat.Crooked I, Daz, Xzibit)
Neva Gonna Give it Up (feat.Nate Dogg, Snoop Dogg, SoopaFly, Tray Deee, Warren G)
Your Gyrlfriend (feat. Daz)
Welcome Home (feat. Latoya)

Kurupt - Album - Unknown (other songs)

It's Over (First Single) feat. Natina

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Jon B

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