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Mystikal - Lyrics

Mystikal - Album - Tarantula

Go 'Head (feat. Pharrell Williams - 'Neptunes')
Bouncin' Back (Bumping Me Against The Wall)
Ooooh Yeah
If It Ain't Live, It Ain't Me
Smoke One
Pussy Crook
That's That Shit
Tarantula (feat. Butch Cassidy)
Big Truck Driver (feat. Byou2ful)
Settle The Score (feat. Juvenile)

Mystikal - Album - Let's Get Ready

U Would If U Could
Danger (Been So Long)
Smoked Out
Shake Ya Ass
I Rock, I Roll
Neck Uv Da Woods (feat. Dr. Dre)
The Braids
Ready to Rumble
Mystikal Fever
Big Truck Boys
Murderer III
Come See About Me
Ain't Gonna See Tomorrow

Mystikal - Album - Ghetto Fabulous

What's Your Alias?
Whacha Want, Whacha Need (feat. Busta Rhymes)
Dirty South, Dirty Jerz (feat. Treach, Vinnie)
Ghetto Fabulous
There He Go
I Smell Smoke
Let's Go Do It (feat. Snoop Dogg, Silkk)
I'm On Fire
Stack Yo Chips
That's the Nigga (a.k.a. That's the Rapper)
Round Out Tha Tank
The Stick Up (feat. Mia X)
Life Ain't Cool (feat. Master P)
Respect My Mind
Keep it Hype

Mystikal - Album - Unpredictable

We Got the Clout (feat. Mia X)
Born 2 Be a Soldier (feat. Master P)
Ghetto Child (feat. Master P)
Sleepin' With Me
U Can't Handle This
13 Years
Here We Go
Gangstas (feat. Snoop Dogg, Master P)
Ain't No Limit
Dick on the track
Still Smokin'
Murderer 2
Did I Do It
It Yearns
The Man Right 'Chea

Mystikal - Album - Mind of Mystikal

Mr. Hood Critic
Here I Go!!
Smoke Something
Dedicated to Michelle Tyler
Mind of Mystikal
Out That Boot Camp Clicc
Y'all Ain't Ready Yet
Never gonna bounce (The Dream)
That Nigga Ain't Shit!

Mystikal - Album - Unknown (other songs)

Runnin from the Police (feat. C-Murder)
What Cha Think
Light it Up (feat. Master P)
The Edge of the Blade
Shake Somethin' (feat. KLC, Mia X)
Game (Triple H Theme) (feat. Ras Kass)
Mr. Shittalker
Who Rock This?
I Ain't Playin

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