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Hold Me Down
Just Like That
All Because Of You
Imagine That
Girl, Lady, Woman
Lights Out
I'm Tryin' To What
Brand New
Your Love Is
That's My Word
My Love
Feels Good
Do Your Thing
It's Okay

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Represent Me (feat. Naughty by Nature)
Rock On (feat. Duganz Shalont)
Too Close
You Are My High
Problems (feat. Coffee Brown)
My Place
Stop, Drop And Roll
Phone Sex
Admit The Rat
Penetration (feat. Naughty by Nature)
Next Experience (feat. Adina Howard)
Butta Love
I Still Love You
Taste So Good
Do You Think About Me

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Call On Me
Beauty Queen
What You Want (feat. Beanie Sigel)
Minnesnowta (Interlude)
Oh No No (feat. Red Rat, Renee Neufville)
My Everything
Welcome II Nextasy (Intro)
Shorty (feat. Vernell Sales)
When We Kiss
Banned From TV
Let's Make A Movie

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I Still Love You (Remix feat. Big Pun)
Whatever You Want
Sex, Money & Drugs (feat. Big Pun)
Freak In Me
We Can't Be Friends (feat. Deborah Cox)
Nobody (feat. Mysonne)
The Best Man I Can Be (feat. Case, Tyrese)

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