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Redman - Lyrics

Redman - Album - Blackout

Dat's Dat Shit (feat. Redman, Mally G-'Jamal', Young Zee)
Four Seasons (feat. Method Man, Ja Rule, LL Cool J)
How High (feat. Method Man)
Blackout (feat. Method Man)
Maaad Crew (feat. Method Man)
Fire Ina Hole (feat. Method Man)
Da Rockwilder (feat. Method Man)
Y.O.U. (feat. Method Man)
The ? (feat. Method Man)
Big Dogs (feat. Method Man)
1, 2, 1, 2 (feat. Method Man)
Cheka (feat. Method Man)
Cereal Killer (feat. Method Man)
Mi Casa (feat. Method Man)
Run 4 Cover (feat. Method Man, Ghostface, Street Life)
Well All Rite Cha (feat. Method Man)
Tear It Off (feat. Method Man)

Redman - Album - Malpractice

Da Bullshit (feat. Icarus)
Let's Get Dirty (feat. DJ Kool)
J.U.M.P. (feat. George Clinton)
Lick A Shot
Doggz II
Enjoy Da Ride (feat. Method Man, Saukrates, Streetlife)
WKYA (Drop)
Diggy Doc

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