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S Club 7 - Lyrics

S Club 7 - Album - Sunshine

Right Guy
Dance, Dance, Dance
I Will Find You
Show Me Your Colours
Summertime Feeling
Have You Ever
Don't Stop Moving
It's Alright
Never Had A Dream Come True
Boy Like You

S Club 7 - Album - Seven

The Love Train
Bring The House Down
Spiritual Love
The Colour Of Blue
All In Love Is Fair
I'll Keep Waiting
Stand By You
Cross My Heart
Best Friend
I'll Be There

S Club 7 - Album - S Club

It's A Feel Good Thing
You're My Number One
Gonna Change The World
S Club Party
Friday Night
Bring It All Back
Viva La Fiesta
Hope For The Future
Two In A Million
I Really Miss You
Everybody Wants Ya

S Club 7 - Album - Unknown (other songs)

Someday, Someway
Down At Club S
So Right
Our Time Has Come
If It's Love
We Can Work It Out
Hello Friend
Perfect Christmas

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