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Texas - Lyrics

Texas - Album - Careful What You Wish For

Carnival Girl
Another Day
Big Sleep
Where Did You Sleep?
Place In My World
Careful What You Wish For
I'll See It Through
Telephone X
Under Your Skin
And I Dream

Texas - Album - The Hush

The Hush
Tell Me The Answer
Day After Day
Sunday Afternoon
In Our Lifetime
When We Are Together
The Day Before I Went Away
Summer Son
Move In

Texas - Album - White On Blonde

Black Eyed Boy
Good Advice
White On Blonde
Drawing Crazy Patterns
Ticket To Lie
Polo Mint City
Put Your Arms Around Me
Say What You Want

Texas - Album - Ricks Road

Fearing These Days
Fade Away
You've Got To Live A Little
Winter's End
You Owe It All To Me
Hear Me Now
So Called Friend
So In Love With You
I've Been Missing You
Listen To Me
I Want To Go To Heaven
Beautiful Angel

Texas - Album - Mothers Heaven

This Will All Be Mine
Mothers Heaven
Alone With You
Dream Hotel
Wrapped In Clothes Of Blue
Why Believe In You
Walk The Dust
In My Heart

Texas - Album - Southside

Thrill Has Gone
Everyday Now
Fool For Love
Tell Me Why
Future Is Promises
Fight The Feeling
Prayer For You
One Choice
I Don't Want A Lover

Texas - Album - Unknown (other songs)

Tired Of Being Alone
Guitar Song
Inner Smile
In Demand

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