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Wyclef Jean - Lyrics

Wyclef Jean - Album - Masquerade

80 Bars
War No More
Thug Like Me
Party Like I Party
The PJ's
Knockin' On Heaven's Door
Two Wrongs (feat. Claudette Ortiz)
You Say Keep It Gangsta (feat. Butch Cassidy, Big Jack, Sharissa)
Ghetto Racine (PJ's Creole Mix)
Peace God
Oh What A Night

Wyclef Jean - Album - The Ecleftic * 2 Sides II A Book

Whitney Houston Dub Plate (feat. Whitney Houston)
Thug Angels
Wish You Were Here
Runaway (feat. Earth, Wind & Fire, The Product G&B)
Hollyhood To Hollywood (feat. Small World)
911 (feat. Mary J. Blige)
Kenny Rogers - Pharoahe Monch Dub Plate (feat. Kenny Rogers, Pharoahe Monch)
Low Income
Something About Mary
Da Cypha (feat. Supreme C, Marie Antoinette, Hope)
However You Want It
It Doesn't Matter (feat. Melky Sedeck, The Rock)
Where Fugees At?
Perfect Gentleman
Diallo (feat. MB^2, Yossou N'Dour)
Pullin Me In

Wyclef Jean - Album - The Carnival

To All The Girls
Street Jeopardy (feat. Jean Forte, R.O.C.)
Sang Fezi (feat. Lauryn Hill)
Guantanamera (feat. Lauryn Hill)
Gone 'Til November
Tryin' To Stay Alive (feat. John Forte)
Mona Lisa (feat. Neville Brothers)
Year Of The Dragon (feat. Lauryn Hill)
Enter The Carnival (Interlude)
Anything Can Happen
Killer M.C. (Interlude)
Fresh Interlude
Pablo Diablo (Interlude)
Words Of Wisdom (Interlude)

Wyclef Jean - Album - Unknown (other songs)

Bubblegoose (feat. South Park Kids)
New Day
Bubblegoose (Bakin' Cake Version)
Gone 'Til November (Pop Version)
Gone Til November (Remix feat. Canibus, R. Kelly, Khadejiah Bass)
Imagino (feat. ReFugee All-Stars)
Cheated (To All The Girls) (feat. The Product, Queen Pen)
In The Zone (feat. Ivy Queen)
What's Clef (feat. Queen Pen, The Product, Naomi Campbell)
No Airplay (feat. Canibus, Manhunt)
25 To Life (feat. Xzibit, Juvenile,Nature, Ja Rule,Reptile)
The Streets Are Like A Jungle
New Day (Pop Radio Edit) (feat. Bono - 'U2')
Men In Blue (No Airplay)
Chickenhead (Remix feat. Spragga Benz)
Rumble In The Jungle (feat. Busta Rhymes, John Forte, Lauryn Hill)
Cheated (Rock Remix)

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