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Aerosmith Lyrics

Aerosmith - Biography

Aerosmith was formed in 1970, when vocalist Steven Tyler met
guitarist Joe Perry while working at an ice cream parlor. Bassist
Tom Hamilton and guitarist Ray Tabano, joined the group, but Ray was
replaced by Brad Whitford and they added drummer Joey Kramer.

In 1972 they landed a record contract with Columbia Records. As a
result, Aerosmith's self-titled debut album was released in the fall
of 1973.

Areosmith spent time touring the U.S. and working on their secound
album Get Your Wings, it spent a total of 86 weeks on the charts.

Aerosmith's third record, 1975's Toys in the Attic, was their
breakthrough album their sound was pure rock n roll, and the the
album hit number 11. Its success prompted the re-release of the
power ballad "Dream On," which shot into the Top Ten in
early 1976. Both Aerosmith and Get Your Wings climbed back up the
charts in the wake of Toys in the Attic. "Walk This Way,"
the final single from Toys in the Attic, was released around the
time of the group's new 1976 album, Rocks. Although it didn't
feature a Top Ten hit like "Walk This Way," Rocks went
platinum quickly, peaking at number three.

In early 1977, Aerosmith took a break and prepared material for
their fifth album. In addition to another tour in 1978, the band
appeared in the movie Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band,
performing "Come Together," which eventually became a
number 23 hit. Aerosmith recorded Night in the Ruts in 1979,
releasing the record at the end of the year. Brad Whitford left the
group in early 1980, forming the Whitsford-St. Holmes Band with
former Ted Nugent guitarist Derek St. Holmes.

As Aerosmith regrouped with new guitarists Jimmy Crespo and Rick
Dufay, the band released Aerosmith's Greatest Hits in late 1980; the
record would eventually sell over six million copies.

Pump, released in 1989, continued the band's winning streak,
reaching number five, selling over four million copies, and spawning
the Top Ten singles "Love in an Elevator," "Janie's
Got a Gun," and "What It Takes."

Aerosmith released Get a Grip in 1993. The album was as successful
as the band's previous two records, featuring the hit singles
"Livin' on the Edge," "Cryin'," and
"Amazing." In 1994, Aerosmith released Big Ones, a
compilation of hits from their Geffen years which fulfilled their
contract with the label; it went double platinum shortly after its
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