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Ashanti Lyrics

Ashanti - Biography

Ashanti: Murder Inc.'s Hip Hop/R&B Princess

Ja Rule. J. Lo. Big Pun. Fat Joe. She's worked with some of the
industry's bestwriting lyrics and singing hooks that help their
records reach the top of the music charts. Now it's time for
21-year-old Ashanti Douglas to take center stage and shine on her
very own self-titled debut, the much-anticipated Ashanti. In April,
Ashanti hits the scene as the first R&B vocalist on Murder Inc.
Although this is a departure for the hip hop powerhouse label that
has a roster including rappers Ja Rule, Vita and Charli Baltimore,
all indications show that the transition has been more than smooth
and successful. Ashanti's lead single, 'Foolish,' has already made
waves at radiogetting heavy rotation on urban stations and
galvanizing fans to demand an earlier-than-planned release of her
album, a tantalizing blend of edgy hip hop groves and subtle R&B
styling. With Ashanti's clever lyrics and slick production by Murder
Inc.'s president Irv Gotti, 'Foolish' immediately reminds music
lovers of the Notorious B.I.G.'s popular 'One More Chance' remix.
(True old school heads will remember the familiar melody from
DeBarge's 1983 hit 'Stay with Me.') Either way, you're sure to be
hooked. And that's what Irv's depending on.

'Ashanti's album is full of 'one-listens' like 'Foolish',' says an
exuberant Gotti, whose passion for this project is palpable. 'When
you hear this song, and other songs on the album like 'TK,' which is
based on one of Scarface's old cuts, you remember it, you're bopping
your head to it and you immediately get it.'

Making sure people 'get it' and truly feel where she's coming from
is also of the utmost importance to Ashanti, who penned all 12 songs
on the album, most written on-the-spot in the studio. 'I want to
create something so real and reflective that people just sit back
and listen like, 'damn, was she in my window last night, because
this really happened to me,' ' says the eldest daughter of a dancer
and singer. 'Everyone has gone through something that's on this
album, and I want to be able to articulate their feelings.'

With cuts like 'Happy,' 'Baby' and 'Rescue,' which detail the ins
and outs of relationships, the precocious Long Island native is sure
to make her mark with streetwise sophistication similar to the
reigning queen of hip hop soul, who first blended hardcore beats and
heartfelt lyrics in the early nineties. 'Mary paved the way,' says
Ashanti, who began pursuing her singing career at age 12 and also
cites Ella Fitzgerald and Blue Magic as influences. 'I didn't want
to sing only slow songs and I didn't want to be spittin' rhymes. But
Mary put those concepts together. She cleared the way, and now I'm
following my own path.' Says Irv, who executive produced the
project, 'I want Ashanti's album to pick up where Mary's My Life
left off. By no means are we trying to take Mary's slot because
she's undoubtedly the queen. But Ashanti is Murder Inc.'s
princesswith a gansta feel to her.

I really want men to champion this album,' Irv continues. 'Usually,
with an R&B record, women pioneer it or champion it before
anyone else. I want men, thugs, ganstasI want them to hear the
record and be like, 'yo, this shit is hot.' That'll make women like
it even more. Ashanti flips the hardcore songs and makes 'em sweet,
so she appeals to both sexes.'

Ashanti's already well established track record has placed her on
the sweet road to success. (Ja Rule's 'Always On Time' has broken
history as Def Jam's top selling single. Her contribution to J. Lo's
'I'm Real' helped give the former fly
girl-turned-actress-turned-singer urban credibility.) With her own
album, Ashanti continues the saga that is sure to gain her the hip
hop/R&B princess crown. And the impact she hopes to make during
her reign is simple: 'If you're a person who has trouble expressing
yourself, all you have to do is pop in this album and it'll speak
for you,' she says with all sincerity. 'When you listen to this
album with your man or your girl, everybody will be on the same
page.' Says a much more boastful Gotti, 'Ashanti delivers at the
highest level. And she has this personality that makes people love
her. She's got too many people feeling her, too many hit records and
too much heat for her to stop,' he praises. 'She can't lose.'

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