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The Rasmus Lyrics

The Rasmus - Biography

The Rasmus is a rock band formed in 1994 in Helsinki, Uusimaa,
Finland. Consisting of Lauri Ylnen (lead singer/songwriter), Eero
Heinonen (bass), Pauli Rantasalmi (guitar) and Aki Hakala (drums).
The band was formed at the end of the band members' schooling and
were initially known as Rasmus. They recorded their first single,
1st, released independently through Teja Kotilainen Records in late
1995. They signed with Warner Music Finland in 1996 and released
their first album, Peep, that same year. The album went gold in
The band won the Finnish Grammy Award EMMA for 'Best New Artist' in
1996. Playboys, the band's second studio album, and its single Blue,
released in 1997, both went gold in Finland. Hellofatester was
released in 1998, spawning singles Liquid and Swimming With the
Kids. The video for Liquid received regular airplay on Nordic MTV.
Rasmus became The Rasmus in 2000 to avoid confusion with the
similarly named Swedish electronica artist, known simply as Rasmus.
Into was released in 2001 and went double platinum in Finland
debuting at #1. The first single F-F-F-Falling was #1 in Finland
during three months in early 2001. The second single Chill reached
the #2 place in Finland. The Rasmus toured Scandinavia and Europe
along with HIM and Roxette that year to promote the album. The band
finally gained international fame with their 2003 album Dead Letters
which went gold and platinum in several countries, accompanied with
the single In the Shadows which reached #1 in a number of countries.
iTunes Music Store offered the track as one of its free singles, a
positive public response prompted many listeners to buy the rest of
the album. Guilty was released in 2004 and was the last single of
the album. The three other singles; In My Life, First Day Of My Life
and Funeral Song also received mostly favorable reviews and
response. During the 2004 Reading Festival in England, the band was
pelted with plastic bottles filled with urine and mud (an act
reserved for the worst band on the bill each year) until they
eventually walked offstage when immediate medical attention was
required for Eero's eye.
Hide From The Sun, the band's sixth studio album was released in
September 2005. It received Platinum status in Finland and sold more
than 15,000 copies in the UK alone. All in all, the album sold
400,000 copies worldwide. The album's three singles were No Fear,
Sail Away and Shot. The Rasmus began recording their seventh studio
album Black Roses in 2006, recording began and in Helsinki and
continued in Nashville, Tennessee. Smaller parts were recorded in
Stockholm, Singapore, Berlin and Greece. Livin' In A World Without
You and Justify are the two singles released from the album, videos
for both songs have received airplay around the world.
A compilation album celebrating The Rasmus' 15th Anniversary, titled
Best Of 2001-2009 was released Novermber 28, 2009. It includes songs
released from 2001 to 2009, as indicated in the album title, and
features a previously unreleased song October & April, with the
vocals of Anette Olzon from the band Nightwish. This song was
recorded during the same time as the other songs from album Black
Roses, but wasn't included as it didn't follow the album concept.
The band's singer Lauri Ylnen has also announced that a new studio
album will be released in 2010. 
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