Chapter II

Shany Shia (Skit)

Hey Shia, Shia


Come On You Gotta Come Practice This Song


Because Mommas Comin Home Soon And You Know Shes Gonna Wanna
Hear Us Sing, Come On Shia I Know Its Hard Or Whatever But As
Long As You Keep Practicing You'll Be Fine. Umm You Know What
Lets Just Try One With That Old Record That We Use To Do Back
In The Day.

[Shany Shia Together:]
I Gotta Get Out And Learn What Lifes About
Be Sure That You're the One For Me
And If So I Know But Now I Don't
So Let Me Go And See

And You Remember That Other Part That Use To Go Like ... Ummm
How Did It Go
Let Me Go! Let Me Go........

I Remember That Part
Let Me Go! Let Me Go........
For Me
Is That Right Shany

Yeah, Yeah That's Good. And The Last Part IS

Shnay Shia Together Laughing

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Chapter II Lyrics

Shany Shia (Skit) Lyrics

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