Backstreet Boys

Never Gone

Song For The Unloved


This one is for the mothers...
Who've lost a child
This one is for the gypsies
Who left their hearts behind
This is for the strangers
Sleeping in my heart
Take what they want
And leave while it's still dark

No one is glamourously
Lonely, all by themselves

This is a song for the unloved
This is a music for one last cry
This is a prayer that tomorrow will help me leave the past
It's a song for the unloved (the unloved)

This one's for the bridesmaid
Never the bride
This one's for the dreamers
Who locked their faith inside
This is for the widows
Who think there's only one
The dying fathers that never told their sons

No one is glamourously, lonely
Follow your heart...


Tomorrow the sun will shine
And dry the tears in your eyes
Suddenly love comes alive...

For one last cry
Just one last cry...

[Chorus x2]

Backstreet Boys Lyrics

Never Gone Lyrics

Song For The Unloved Lyrics

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