Boyz II Men

Nathan Michael Shawn Wanya

Good Guy

Oh oh, oh oh, oh oh ohh

I don't understand your thinking
You wanna be happy, guess I was mistaken
Want my love one night, then just
Say you don't want me
Cuz something is missing
Babygirl, you want it and you know it's true
All that I was doin' everything I could do
And if I dogged you out, we'd probably be cool
But I was good to you, so good

1 - Don't you want a guy that's real nice
That'll spend all his doe and his time
Then you change your mind and want a thug guy
That won't act right
It doesn't pay to be the good guy

You callin' me on late nights
Tellin' me how he won't act right
Stayin' with him but he makes you cry
Tell me why
Doesn't pay to be the good guy

2 - Everytime I try to be the good guy
You take me for granted, put me to the side
Rather have a man that'll tell you lies
Tell me why, tell me why, tell me why

Why should I be the good guy
And be there for the guy that don't treat you right
There's nothing good in being good guys
Tell me why, tell me why, tell me why

I don't understand your reason
Sayin' you love me, then sayin' you're leavin'
The situation here is really changin'
Don't wanna fall in love cuz you play me (oh)
You gotta be kiddin' me (no)
Been tryin' to get rid of me
I do more for you than any brotha would do
I was good to you, so good

Repeat 1
Repeat 2

I was good to you (I played the fool)
Played the fool for you
You messed it up for the next girl in my life
I'll never be right
Do the things I do for you
Our love just wasn't true
I was good to you, so good to you
So good to you
Everytime I try...

Repeat 2 to fade

Boyz II Men Lyrics

Nathan Michael Shawn Wanya Lyrics

Good Guy Lyrics

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