Boyz II Men


On Bended Knee

Darlin' I can't explain
Where did we lose our way
Girl it's drivin' me insane

And I know I just need one more chance
To prove my love to you
If you come back to me
I'll guarantee
That I'll never let you go

Can we go back to the days our love was strong
Can you tell me how a perfect love goes wrong
Can somebody tell me how to get things back
The way they use to be
Oh God give me a reason
I'm down on bended knee
I'll never walk again
Until you come back to me
I'm down on bended knee

So many nights I dream of you
Holding my pillow tight
I know I don't need to be alone

When I open up my eyes
To face reality
Every moment without you
It seems like eternity
I'm begging you, begging you come back to me

(Repeat Chorus)

Gonna swallow my pride, say I'm sorry
Stop pointing fingers the blame is on me
I want a new life and I want it with you
If you feel the same don't ever let it go

You gotta believe in the spirit of love
It can heal all things we won't hurt any more
No I don't believe our love's terminal
I'm down on my knees begging you please
Come home

(Repeat Chorus x2)

Wanna build a new life
Just you and me
Gonna make you my wife
Raise a family

Boyz II Men Lyrics

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On Bended Knee Lyrics

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