Boyz II Men

Christmas Interpretations

Why Christmas

*Mike and Wanya talk in the beginning:*
Mike: Hey, what's wrong squirt?
Wanya: I don't know man.
Sometimes around this time of year I just get depressed.
Mike: Man, this isn't the time of year to be depressed.
It's the time to be happy and giving, man.
Wanya: You know,
Sometimes I think about things that are happening in the world
Things I didn't have. I just feel like crying.
Mike: We all feel that way sometimes. But, it'll be alright.
Wanya: I just, I just wonder why.

Every day at this time of year
I wonder time and time again
Why are kids suffering?
All of the tears 'cause being caught in the crossfire (Why?)
Somebody tell me why
As the joyous day comes along
The eldest feel there's something wrong
He's looking for Mom but she's not there
Kids are looking for reindeer in the air

She messed up again
My brother and my sister
They ain't got no toys
What am I supposed to do
When growing up for me wasn't joy?
It's gonna be a why Christmas
It's gonna be, it's gonna be a
A why Christmas

No one was there but Grandma and her friends
A time of heartache is setting in
There's nothing I can do
Just sit and feel pain run me through
I often wished they were never born
The thought of them not having no toys
Their little hearts were torn
I was young and I cried as well
I didn't have a job
But I prayed to the Lord that there'd be better days
Yes, he gave me a reason to live
He gave me a sign
But I still think to that day when

(Repeat Chorus)

Brother and my
Brother and my
Brother and my
(repeats a lot)

(Repeat Chorus til rnd fade out)

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Christmas Interpretations Lyrics

Why Christmas Lyrics

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