Brand New Love

The desperate eyes that close, maybe it goes away.
Please rest tomorrow,and bring a satisfied day.
The restless urge of love that's worth, the burning for.
Surely it's that one comforting, love to give you more.
And this thought can be that begins, the brand new tangled web
you're spinning.
Anyone can be your brand new love.
Any time the force can be broken, to tear your bitter world to
be open.
Anyone can be your brand new love.
You won't be the first.
Your twisted change is normal...gossip, dirt.
Whisper to the nodding head, thrilled you fell apart instead of
But they will,'cause any hope for love can be killed.
If you need a different face, it's definite time to destroy this
Follow what you feel, you alone will decide what's real.
Anyone can be your brand new love.

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Brand New Love Lyrics

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