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This Goodnight

Cast in other grey
Trapped in hyperspace
Motionless we stay 

Still we climb these ceilings, walls and trees
And we can't stop clinging on our knees 

Oh so gently we fly by
Far from the sunlight
Dreaming of green skies
Burning with hindsight
Eerie with mean eyes
Solice the moontide
This doesn't feel nice
Burns like the light
Now I came to realise
On this goodnight 

Frozen in a lake
Mystic covered space
All true thoughts erased 

This will soon be over, old and new
You're the four leaf clover that guides me through 

Look at this new size
Gross and divine
Now I finally realise
All that is mine
So we'll keep on breeding this huge woe
Because our wombs quit healing long ago 

Now you sit on your throne
Smaller, yet you have grown
Used to be close to home
Now you feel all alone 

Nothing left to call your own
Feeling pains you've never known
Take your skin dear, leave the bones
Now you feel real, all alone

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This Goodnight Lyrics

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