Who Are We Living For?


One old man a ten hour day 
And not a dime to spare 
Playin' on his pawn shop horn 
And breathin' into the air 

I've got more coal to fire 
And another soul to feed 

Little old lady left the scene 
About an hour ago 
Her purse was filled 
All her silver unsold 

Little old lady had a mouth 
But nothing to say 
Despite her allegiances 
She has found a way 

Even a bling squirrel needs a nut yea 
Do rebut that 
And if you open up your mouth 
You better shut that 
It's never ever gonna go away 
"I'm homeless, God bless, good day" 

Would that I were you 
Would I be free 
And would that you were me 
Would you burn or flee 

The blood is on your hands 
You've got it on your feet 
Your first is in the air 
And somewhere in between

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Who Are We Living For? Lyrics

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