Who Are We Living For?

Just Like Larry

I'd like to jettison your medicine
back to where you came from
you keep your bell and edison
away from my grandson
stand son on your own bone
don't forget the home that you come from
don't let them say your name wrong

just like larry I'll take it to the hoop
make one false move in one fell swoop
and then I pass it to the trigger man
bow down to the sound if you still can

I got my beautiful dutiful cargo 250

plenty of misshalls and plenty of cat calls
and I can attest to the rest of the best stalls
but never have I ever made a match with sickness
look both ways and dispatch with a quickness

gimme some roy and gimme some speed
gather all around to the world and read on
til you get to the part that's righteous
it's an unbearable likeness

I got my beautiful dutiful cargo 250

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Who Are We Living For? Lyrics

Just Like Larry Lyrics

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