Comfort In Sound

Come Back Around

Turning into something
Drifting off to old ways
Got to pull myself back in

Holding back the questions
We're bruised with all rejection
Gotta pull myself back in

Suffer the breaks
You know I still remember it
It keeps burning away
I know that you may take a while
To come back around

Come back around
I miss you around

Reaching out for someone
Burning out for so long
Got to pull myself back in
There's no new religion
And there's no real solution
Gotta pull myself back in

[Chorus x2]

come back around
come back around

Feel you're going under
So keep on treading water
Got to pull myself back in
Feel no obligation
But no more indecision
Gotta pull myself back in

[Chorus x2]

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Come Back Around Lyrics

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