Field MOB

613: Ashy To Classy


You are not alone 'cause I'm going through this thing with you 
You don't have to cry no more 
If we make it through this pain, promise I'm gon' keep it real
with you 
You don't have to cry no more 

[Boondox] I remember bein broke with no record deal 
[Kalage] Broke with no job 
[B] Too broke to smoke dope 
[K] Man, times so hard 
I wanna take my own life 
[B] That's what pain do to you 
[K] But I'm too broke to even die 
[B] I couldn't afford a funeral 
[K] I'm too broke to spend time 
[B] Y'all don't know how it feel 
I could've been a metal welder 
[K] 'Cause I know how to steel (steal) 
[B] Naw, I ain't braggin, I'm just keepin it real 
I was so broke my wet dream was 'bout eatin a meal 
[K] Man I been homeless 
[B] You ever spent the night in the grass? 
[K] With ants and mesquitos 
[B] While they bitin ya ass 
[K] My best friend got shot nine times for nothin 
He was all I had, we used to lie and say we was cousins 
[B] Even momma turned her back on me, wouldn't look me in my
I'm a disgrace to my folks... 
[K] 'Cause I ain't graduate? 
[B] I ain't have nobody 
[K] Man, I wish I was dead 
[B] I was alone so I turned to God and he said 


As far as I remember, I been in high school ever since
Since the fifth I been twistin spliffs and hittin the weed 
My eyes went through menestration every day in the summer 
At age six, my piss could crank up a Hummer 
Had a hooker mom, like Alfred she Hitchcock 
Bumped dad, 'cause when he visit it was like a pit stop 
I lived knock hard, like Jay-Z, boy ya won 
Things got harder, at age eighteen, I bought a gun 
A three-eighty caliber, for street crazy scavengers 
Tryna take my ??, I'll turn your hat lavender 
Sacks of herb in my pocket I smoke eventually 
Supposed to be sellin 'em, but it's hard to give 'em away 
Livin the day for tomorrow, so on the down-low 
I used beats and rhymes, why not, look at me now 
From flippin dimes, playin get like me to get a dollar 
To ridin on my own twenties in my Impala, I ain't cryin 


Well, I been hearin a lotta people say that blood's thicker than
Well answer this then, which would you swallow? 
I said that to say, it don't matter, friend or kin 
Shawn ain't my cousin but he here through thick and thin 
[B] OK, I came up but all the faith folks came down 
[K] The script flip flopped 
[B] Now the game changed round 
Everybody wanna chill now, in my grill now 
Now my smile ice cold, white gold like whooooooaaaa! 

[Chorus x4]

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613: Ashy To Classy Lyrics

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