Field MOB

613: Ashy To Classy

Dead In Your Chevy

[Verse 1:]
Damn you done came up short again ain't uh 
Cause yo homeboy fought again ain't uh 
but is you hoe ready for folk to kick in yo door 
say that the jackers kickin yo hoe 
please give me the reason I'm fiendin to know 
why cheese missin in my flow 
givin low Z's for the four when the price is usually eight 
just keepin it real 
you was gettin half off and still came up a few grands short 
listen to you brag about yo days in the past 
when you was gettin paid livin lavish 
but that was way in the 70s 
its the best you pay me my fetti 
fore they find yo brain the a chevy 
all over the radio and ceiling 
and I'ma hate if for your children 
when my AK sprays wit yo dome 
cerebellum all over the passenger seat 
leavin you dead 
wit lead in yo head 
in yo red candy apple capris 

[Chorus x2:]
If you out there and you owe me 
Or been scared to get my fetti 
Or hate me cause I fuck and she wont even let you smell it 
Or if you see me doin dirt and feel its best you tell it 
You besta slow yo roll boy 
Or be found dead in yo Chevy 

[Verse 2:]
Wuz up, big mouth, big talk, big game 
I ain't pastor troy but it ain't no play it ain't no game
wit a nigga like you runnin around town actin bulletproof 
be the one that get got get shot 
I got a big ole gun and ill use it too 
fool dont play dumb dont say Sean what you talkin about 
cause I'm talkin about this hoe I'm fuckin 
same hoe you lustin 
you hate that dont ya ummhumm 
damn let me bout to nut up 
uhuh okay wuz up shut up 
cause you ain't on my level 
you cubic zirconia guess who the bezzle 
she be lickin on the head and my peter 
while you be beggin to eat her 
better know yo role 
when I get pissed off then the four four blows 
and when the glock click hot shot spit 
then these hoes know 

[Chorus til fade]

Field MOB Lyrics

613: Ashy To Classy Lyrics

Dead In Your Chevy Lyrics

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