Field MOB

From Tha Roota To Tha Toota

Don't Want No Problems

Mmhm, mmhm, mmhm
Mmhm, mmhm, mmhm
Yeah, all in my face feelin' me
Mmhm, mmhm, mmhm
All in my face feelin' me
Mmhm, mmhm, mmhm (Uh...uh)

[Verse 1:]
We was up in the club
Fillin' these with all the intention we sip of Hennessy
My friend and me, I caught my niggas killin' me
Testin' weed until the enemy got the Tennessee
To hinder me, all in my face feelin' me
Bud we pretend to weed, hennessey to silly games
Gangstas throwin' them signs up and up and down
Bumpin' enemies sayin' things that offendin' me
Still here and we ballin' half drunk, passin' out song after
Inhalin' gun after gun, passin' out blunt after blunt, havin'
Them niggas took a jab at me
Then one push from the back of me
Tryin' to tackle me and wrestle me
Couldn't get me down, so they hit me in the back and beat
They had me badly beaten
I gotta gash in me, but it was just a scratch to me
At first did get some vasiline
A half a week, it cleared up fast and clean
To a scratch you were bad to see, so I ain't mad to see
I want to squash and flaten and beat
Like White Castle's and crystal square beef patties beat
'Cause I'm so sick of you harassin' me, and playin' with me
So can we canapy?
Before we cause a tragedy, and someone pain and agony
But if you feel you can handle me, and still wanna take the man
in me
This time I'll have to shut you down
Like Sunshine Hennesin, because...

[Hook x4:]
I don't want no problems
And you don't want no problems so...
Better leave me alone, and gone on
Nigga better leave me alone and gone on

Ow, ow, ouch, it bad
It bad

[Verse 2:]
I'm from the home of racist rednecks and confederate flags
You could strand them hussies, politicians and drags
Cotton pickin', slave tradin' and nigga lynchin'
Lead to more oppression, me Cricket caught trigger pinchin'
Ridin' along, mindin' my own buisness, God as my witness
It was five in the morn', passin' along, hop in the cornerrrr
No, po-lice, hold up, turn the radio down (put your seatbealt
Put your seatbealt on
Shit, God damn
Give me the fuckin' weed
He's gone
He kept goin'
It's like I got enemy's, 'cause of my race they hate me
Fuck pullin' over, CHASE ME
Guess it's safe to say it makes me crazy
Can't give up, 'cause this hate it makes me
Wanna grab an AK spray strays on 8th street
8 ways and blaze the day bleed
Tryin' to say we pull more keys than a leash of ladies
Well ok, hate me, say we crazy
But lately, baby
Even criticizin' the way we say things
I pray everyday, but the way he hating
I wish Jeff Dahmer was here, why?
So he could eat President Bush's baked beans
That's why I've been a crook since 18
Leave me alone, listen to what the hook is saying

[Hook x4:]
I don't want no problems
And you don't want no problems so...
Better leave me alone, and gone on
Nigga better leave me alone and gone on

What's up son, it's Allecious
It's your boy, smoke
AKA chevy pentagram to cut your 'cain, again (leave me alone)
And uh, I got a problem with you bitches (leave me alone)
I'm sick and tired of bein' sick and tired! (leave me alone)
I can't even leave the muthafuckin' club
with a clean pair of muthafuckin' Schnegals
'Cause the muthafucka wanna step of my feets (leave me alone)
I gotta check my muthafuckin' Polo for birth spots and liquor
Cause a muthafucker want oppression
But wanna get me on purpose
I'm sick of this shit (leave me alone)
Don't be mad at me 'cause my earrings so big
and brighter than your beetch, nigga
And you beetch, don't be mad at me
cause my tires bigger than your niggas tires on his Chevy
Like Lil' Darryl say "LEAVE ME ALONE!"

Field MOB Lyrics

From Tha Roota To Tha Toota Lyrics

Don't Want No Problems Lyrics

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