Five For Fighting

...Message For Albert

(European B-Side)

Finally in the meantime since you paid for my room
I thought I'd write the European B-side or 2 

See Mr. Merry's in the garden
Trying to tie his high top shoes
Johnny's off of daff-dill mountian
Praying for the news 

and Oh what a piece I am
if you' my friend 

Thanks to all that you made me replace
For all you gave to me you left on my face 

See Mr. Merry is the garden
Bella's taking ludes
Daddy's off without a pardon
But nothing left to lose 

and Oh what a piece I am
Oh what a piece I am
If you' my friend
if you
would you
be my friend

Five For Fighting Lyrics

...Message For Albert Lyrics

(European B-Side) Lyrics

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