Over You

From the moment that we met
I knew that we would connect
Your eyes had told me that somehow 
We shared a history 
Feeling fearless I took a chance 
Couldn't let the moment pass
I felt that fate had played a hand 
And brought you here to me

But happiness can be short-lived
And pain can bring you to your knees

Don't think, that I'll get over you
Don't know, if I can make it through
My darkest days without you in my life and i
Don't think, that I can face the pain
I'll never see your face again
I close my eyes and wonder when
Will it ever end

Get as close as we could be 
Felt that you could see through me
You read my mind you knew my life
Became a part of me
Took for granted precious time
Thought we had it on our side
By some cruel twist of fate
I had to watch you fade away


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