How Far Shallow Takes You

License From A Cereal Box

it seems every time we're driving down the trans-canada #1 
the traffic's growing worse everyday it doesn't really help 
when there's a bozo at the wheel slowing down cutting people 
off i don't think it's funny. hit the gas, hit the brakes, 
in a traffic jam i think i'm late for work got your license 
from a cereal box you don't know how to drive you're just a
fucking jerk, 
it never fails getting on there's always something going 
wrong a lot of cars a lot of smog (well, not as much as l.a.) 
it's pretty hazy when a blowout in a tire becomes 
such a big desire for idiots to watch, slow down it makes me
think you know how i feel what i need is a new automobile 
like the game spyhunter i could enjoy anyone 
who would annoy set the missiles seek and destroy.

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How Far Shallow Takes You Lyrics

License From A Cereal Box Lyrics

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