How Far Shallow Takes You


i break the bones to pieces in my hands my clenching fingers, 
were you the same all along? did i just get bored? 
why did i push you away? 
i still sit plagues with questions, your actions, your
why couldn't you just talk to me? 
was it that i just couldn't smile anymore? 
tired of keeping it inside so i failed at you 
and now i pass out every night i associate the worst things 
with your face and i know you're at a loss from what 
you threw away i just wish that you had left my innocence. 
even now i still wonder how you are truly concerned 
that you're well even though you put me through this 
because i see that it's better off this way 
when i think that it is right and i know that i'm ok.

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How Far Shallow Takes You Lyrics

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