Jagged Edge

Jagged Era

Addicted To Love

Mic check one to ready 
Um I'm get you sweaty 
And J.E. they gon bring you some 

[Repeat above (3x)]

I've tried to let you go so many times (yes I have) 
And I never thought that going back would ever cross 
my mind 
See I find, it's only you, back to give me that 
special treatment 
I aint never been one to beg, baby I miss you and baby 
I need you 

[1]- You know I like the way you make me feel inside 
Baby I just can't shake ya 
I'm addicted to your love baby 
All day all night you make me feel so right 
Baby I just can't shake ya 
I'm addicted to your love baby 

The thought of you it makes me go crazy and I know 
If you trust me you can be my one and only lady 
And you make me feel like I wanna feel 
Taking your time, let me know what's real 
You know that it feels so right 
So give me what you got tonight 

Lady when I close my eyes 
All I see is you and all the beautiful things we used to do 
Lady when I close my eyes 
It's only you I think of, cause I'm addicted to your love 

[Repeat 1 (3x)]

Jagged Edge Lyrics

Jagged Era Lyrics

Addicted To Love Lyrics

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