Jennifer Paige

Jennifer Paige


A crush
A crush

See you blowin' me a kiss
It doesn't take a scientist
to understand whats goin' on baby
If you see something in my eye
let's not over analyze
don't go too deep with it baby (baby)

So let it be
what it'll be
Don't make a fuss and go crazy over you and me
Here's what I'll do
I'll play the wuss, not like we have a date with destiny

It's just (a)
a little crush (crush)
not like I faint, every time we touch
It's just (a) some little thing (crush)
Not like every thing I do
ooh depends on you ooh
sha la la la
sha la la la

It's raisin' my adrenalin'
you're banging on a heart of tin
please don't make too much of it baby
Say "that were for ever more"
that's not what im lookin' for,
all I can commit to is maybe (maybe)


(Repeat Chorus)

(dream version)
Vanilla skies (vanilla skies)
White picket fences in your eyes
A vision of you and me (and me...)

(Repeat Chorus x3)

Jennifer Paige Lyrics

Jennifer Paige Lyrics

Crush Lyrics

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