Jennifer Paige

Jennifer Paige

Get To Me

Don't misread the silence
And take my distance as a sign
There's only one heart that's confused
And it's most likely mine
I always make the rules
And I change 'em all the time
Always stayed a step ahead
'Til you looked into my eyes
My thoughts are frozen
Can't you hear me screaming inside
As you come closer
Don't know where to run this time

I feel weak, I'm never weak
I always know what to say
Don't look at me, I can't speak
How did you get to me this way?
All I know is what I feel
And what I feel is way too real
Who I am is what you see
Baby how did you ever get to me
ever get to me, ever get to me

It could be so easy
If you'd make just one mistake
Then I won't feel the way I do
And I'll say it's fate
But this emotion
I keep tryin' to leave behind
Keeps getting closer
Don't know where to run this time

(Repeat Chorus)

(Inst Bridge-Chorus)

Jennifer Paige Lyrics

Jennifer Paige Lyrics

Get To Me Lyrics

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