Kylie Minogue

Kylie Minogue

Automatic Love

Would you please forgive me I feel a stranger here
it seems I've lost all my memories and all of my tears

* I know why I'm so crazy I don't care
'cause it's you that makes me so beware
ypu put me on automatic love, there's no return
i'm on automatic love nothing can stop me
i'm on automatic love come on and turn it on
automatic, automatic

I don't feel you enter in my man menu
but every time I touch the key the screen is showing you

[* Repeat]

The moon on you will come to call
it's so autcnoly
so beware, you put me on automatic love
automatic love

nothing can stop me, i'm on automatic love
come on and turn it on

[continue with ad lib to fade]

Come on, turn it on

Kylie Minogue Lyrics

Kylie Minogue Lyrics

Automatic Love Lyrics

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