Kylie Minogue

Enjoy Yourself

I'm Over Dreaming (Over You)

(Ohh, when you treat me like you do)

You're stringing me along
With just a hope to carry on
That hurts me
And you know I've tried
To keep my tears held back inside

But why am I waiting for you
When you treat me like you do

You can't keep me hanging on
Now the magic's gone
I'm over dreaming over you
It's much too late
My love just can't wait
I'm over dreaming over you

I should have seen it from the start
There was no room inside your heart
And I'd be better on my own
Than have a heart without a home

My waiting days are through
I'll be no more a fool for you



[Chorus fade out]

Kylie Minogue Lyrics

Enjoy Yourself Lyrics

I'm Over Dreaming (Over You) Lyrics

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