Kylie Minogue

Body Language

Red Blooded Woman

Can't stop, Count backwards 5 4 3 2 1,
Before you get too heated and turned on (This guy),
You should have learned your lessons all them times before,
You've been bruised, you've been broken,
Then there's my mind saying think before you go,
Through that door it could lead you nowhere (This guy),
Has got you all romantic, crazy in your head,
Do you think I'd listen, no I don't care, 
'cause I can't focus I can't stop, You got me spinning round, 
round, round, round (Like a record),
I can't focus it's too hot (Inside), 
You'll never get to Heaven if you're scared of getting high,
Boy, boy, Let me keep freaking around,
I wanna get down,
I'm a red blooded woman, what's the point in hanging round,
Don't wanna keep turning it down,
When this girl wants to rock with you,
My conscience saying, get down off this dream,
It's too dangerous and deadly,
Has got you talking round in circles can't you see,
All for the sake of sexy (You're loving it),
Then there's my sense saying stop before you fall,
I don't wanna pick you up again,
Has got you all romantic, crazier each day,
Do you think I'd listen, There's no way.

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