Kylie Minogue

Rhythm Of Love


Still don't know how he got my number
Thought I'd got him out of my life
But I agreed to see him just one time
Never thought I'd fall for him twice

Ohh, you've gotta hear my confession
I believe it's long overdue
I can't think of living without you
I'd understand if that's what you'd wanna do

There are
Secrets that you never know
Secrets in a private room
Secrets that I kept from you
Pillow talk in the afternoon

Never wanted to hurt you
Didn't really want to deceive
I was so afraid if I told you
Your broken heart would force you to leave
I think I knew what I was doing
By falling into his arms again
I wish I'd seen right through him
But I'm telling you 'cos I'm so ashamed

[repeat 2 times]



Secrets, secrets, secrets
Pillow talk in the afternoon

[repeat & fade]

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